The Williams Visual Arts Center is state-of-the-art in order to provide a technologically integrated curriculum to Lafayette students. The Williams Visual Arts Building accommodates drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, digital art, and photography, and is outfitted with:

  • Over 75 Mac workstations
  • One medium-format inkjet printer
  • One large-format inkjet printer with a 1-meter bed
  • Flatbed and slide scanners
  • Multiple standard format printers
  • The latest editing software

The Williams Visual Arts Building also shares an Ethernet connection with the Experimental Printmaking Institute, allowing students to generate, manipulate, and output images from any of the department’s sites across campus.

It is the home of the Richard A. and Rissa W. Grossman Gallery, where exhibitions by visiting artists, faculty and students of Lafayette, high school students, and regional artists are complemented by lectures, panel discussions, publications, and workshops.