After Graduation

The attention to interdisciplinary studies allows Lafayette graduates broader opportunities for employment after graduation.

Art at Lafayette is an extremely versatile curriculum that can complement other areas of study. Those looking to double major or pursue a secondary course of study often enjoy a broader scope of employment opportunities upon graduation. About half of all art majors pursue a second major. This attention to interdisciplinary education allows graduates to explore interests in specialized fields such as international art law and studio management. Through the melding of the arts and liberal arts, students can investigate a wide array of possible courses of study.

For those looking to pursue postgraduate studies, Lafayette has helped 40 percent of recent art graduates gain acceptance to some of the nation’s leading graduate arts programs. Former Lafayette students have received master of fine arts degrees or digital media and marketing accreditations from such prominent institutions as New York University, Chicago Arts Institute, University of California, Rhode Island Institute of Design, and world-renowned international institutions such as Brunel University in London.

The breadth of the visual arts curriculum also helps graduates branch into careers outside the traditional studio setting.

Examples of Lafayette art alumni who transitioned into complementary careers in advertising, marketing, industrial design, management, and more are:

Kristin Hayes ’08, tour guide, The Vatican

Kristin Irace ’08, art conservationist, The State University of New York

Jessica Robertson ’07, swimwear product manager, A&H Sportswear

Stephanie Moss ’04, senior designer, Penguin Putnam Books

Jena Newman ’04, senior art director, Catapult Marketing

Susan Baldaserini ’01, senior designer, Penguin Putnam Books

Brooks Ross ’97, president, Leggiadro International Inc. (luxury textiles)

Karen Cera ’95, principle, Noodleswap Media

Kat Darula ’95, senior design strategy manager, Item New Product Development (medical equipment design)